Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots to be thankful for..

As I sit here, with Thanksgiving day coming to a wrap, I am thinking about all that I have to be thankful for. I have a wonderful family ( who I don't get to see near enough) an absolutely wonderful husband who never makes a single day boring. Friends that have helped me to be the person I am today ( wish I could be able to personlly thank everyone of you in person).
I have a job even if it is a pain in my neck at least the bills are payed theres a roof over my head, and food in my belly ( and its a very yummy turkey).
I have my health and thankfully nothing big has happen to either of us this year.and I have tomarrow to look forward to becuase who knows what it will bring.
theres lots more to be thankful for but these are the things that jump to the front of my mind at this moment.
and now as we head into the holidays just remeber to tell each and everyone that you love how much they mean to you and enjoy all your tomarrows.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends and family scattered all over the place.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I work for the Devil ;(

OMG where do I start,, anyone who works for or has worked for this special corporation that I work for knows what I am talking about...
SO in knowing this.. today I get to work and there is a note from Corporate saying that from here on out anything eaten or drunk Including FOUNTAIN AND COFFEE must be paid in full and have a recite attached to it which is absolutely retarded. basically they are saying that we as employees aren't even worth the 3 CENTS it takes to pay for the soda.or coffee in some peoples case ( because we all know they are paying us the big bucks ROLLING EYES) and they wounder why they have such a high turn over rate.
ANd DONT Even get me started on there "' health insurance" or there lack of, it doesnt cover ANY lab work and you all know if you go to the DOC and they put you on a new med they are going to do blood to make sure it works with your system and they are charging me like 60 a month for crap..
and while I am at it, we dont even get to take Brakes ( which I am looking in too with the LABOR BOARD to make sure its even legal) UGGG
I am so looking for a new job and yeah I know any Corp company in going to be like this BUT if you saw and heard the crap we have to put up with EVERYDAY from the company ( NOT THE MGMT there hands are tied) and the customers ( THATS AWHOLE OTHER BLOG RANT) then you would understand our frustration, needless to say this company WILL NOT be getting any of my money its bad enought it gets all my time... and we dont even get the appreciation that we all ( Including MGMNT) deserve

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween & Christmas Decorations

OK first off where have all the little kids gone on Halloween? I think all we had this year were teenagers, we had about 10 kids and all were at least 12 and older!! And we ended up stuck with a bowl of candy!!! It almost makes it so you don't even want to give any out next year!!!
And whats up with all the Christmas decorations going up on building around the area, I mean geesh people Halloween hasnt even been over for 24 hrs and there are Christmas decorations going up already!!! Hello there is a holiday in between why isnt there a such thing as Thanksgiving Decorations, becuase its all about the GETTING forget about the giving.. SIGH and this is the world we live in.
and my other question is HOW THE HECK DID IT GET TO BE NOVEMBER already, I mean wasnt it just July like yesterday and here it is Sneaking up on November.
Ok thats enough of a rant from me for the day!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

First one

Ok so I thought Joe has one, Jack has one and so does Taylor so I better get on the ball and get a blog going so thats what I am doing? I am not sure how much I will blog but I have one started now.....
this could be a good way to keep updated on things in our life, ( even if there isnt much at the time) I am so tired right now I can not think striaght so I will end here and maybe right more later.