Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween & Christmas Decorations

OK first off where have all the little kids gone on Halloween? I think all we had this year were teenagers, we had about 10 kids and all were at least 12 and older!! And we ended up stuck with a bowl of candy!!! It almost makes it so you don't even want to give any out next year!!!
And whats up with all the Christmas decorations going up on building around the area, I mean geesh people Halloween hasnt even been over for 24 hrs and there are Christmas decorations going up already!!! Hello there is a holiday in between why isnt there a such thing as Thanksgiving Decorations, becuase its all about the GETTING forget about the giving.. SIGH and this is the world we live in.
and my other question is HOW THE HECK DID IT GET TO BE NOVEMBER already, I mean wasnt it just July like yesterday and here it is Sneaking up on November.
Ok thats enough of a rant from me for the day!!!!

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